Home Study

Creating Rapport Opening the Door to Improved Relationships 3.0 credits

How do you get people to like you and to make connections more easily?

Did you Hear What I Meant Listening Home Study for Dental Professionals 3.0 credits

Take a deeper dive into what it means to really listen to someone.

Enough is Enough! Stress Strategies for Dental Professionals 3.0 credtis

Investigate coping strategies to your stress and how to implement them.

Everything is Just Fine – Passive Aggressives in the Dental office 3.0 credits

How do you deal with people who are not completely up front with you?

Feeling Good – Self Esteem for Dental Professionals 3.0 credits

Learn about the power of a positive focus in your life.

Launch that Rocket in Your Backyard 3.0 credits

Become aware of what you are currently doing to realize your full potential.

Making Relationships Work Handling – Difficult People 3.0 credits

What makes some people so difficult to deal with? What can we do head off potentially negative situations with difficult people?

More Stress Strategies 1.0 credit

What is stress and some quick tips to work with it in your life.

Not the Same Old Same Old – Creativity for Dental Staffs 3.0 credits

Discover how to open your mind to new solutions to old problems by exercising the creative side of your brain.

Pain Management for the Highly Sensitive Patient 1.0 credit

Pain Management for the Sensitive Patient Home Study(What are the factors that contribute to a patient’s pain? How does this impact the highly sensitive person?) *Fulfills one hour pain management requirement for Health Care Professionals in the State of Michigan

Speaking Up Assertively Home Study for Dental Professionals 3.0 credits

Learn the difference between aggressive, passive, indirectly aggressive and assertive behavior

Taking Back Your Time Home Study 3.0 credits

There is never enough time! What can you do about it???

The Balancing Act Priortizing What is Important 3.0 credits

Learn about the challenge of balance in your life and why it exists for you.

The Study of the Concept of Highly Sensitive People as Staff and Patients 3.0 credits

What does it mean to be highly sensitive and ideas for dealing with this personality.

Crossing a Line: Dealing with Rude Behavior 3.0 credits

Learn how to deal with people who cross boundaries, understanding why it is happening and studying proven strategies

The Baby Boomer 2.0 credits

Identify the dental concerns of this large group of patients and debunk common myths.

Oral Health and Pregnancy 2.0 credits

Identify the oral health concerns during pregnancy and status of oral health of mother's effects on children.

Pain Management: The Fifth Vital Sign (NEW!) 1.0 credits

(Fulfills one hour pain management requirement) Newest Pain Management course explores the dental professional's understanding of pain intensity scales

Hookah and the Oral Cavity Home Study (NEW!) 3.0 credits

Learn how hookah, the latest trend in tobacco consumption impacts the oral cavity and steps the hygienist can take to educating patients.

Beware and Be Aware; Addressing Your Dental Patient’s Smoking, Tobacco Use and Vaping (NEW!) 3.0 credits

Home Study Addressing Dental Patient's Smoking Tobaccco Use and VapingLearn how to ask your patients about several types of tobacco use. Inform them of the impact on their oral health during the intraoral and extraoral examination. Work with them to create a model of treatment that works!

Who Is In Your Chair? Recognizing the Signs of Human Trafficking (NEW!) For Dental Professionals and Nurses and MDs certificate only

Who is in Your Chair Human Trafficking Home Study- This course meets the requirement for all health care professionals ( Hygienists, Assistants, Dentists, Nurses, Doctors) for identifying victims of human trafficking. This course will meet the requirement for all health professionals. You will learn to identify those at risk for being involved in labor or sex trafficking and know your reporting responsibilities.

Dental Pain Management: Dentistry and the Opioid Epidemic Home Study (NEW) 1.0 credit

Explore the state of the opioid crisis in American and Michigan and learn about dentistry's role. Meets the Pain Management requirement for dental professionals

Walking on the Tightrope of Gingivitis 3.0 credits

Determine the impact of gingivitis on the patient and dental professional, review the D4346 CDT code, examine the most current classifications and implement a treatment protocol for this population.

Pain Management-Medical Marijuana-Exploring Risks and Benefits 1.0 credit

Learn more about medical marijuana and its uses for pain management. Both risks and benefits will be explored.